Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)


What is Atelier Munro?

Atelier Munro is a custom-made menswear company based in Amsterdam. Our goal is no less than to change the way men around the world buy and wear their formal and informal menswear. How do we do this? By combining technology – see, for example, our Virtual Showroom – with modern styling and personalized design options. From suits to jeans, ties to shoes, every product we offer is carefully measured and customized for our customers to ensure a completely unique garment with a flawless fit.

What products does Atelier Munro offer?

Going beyond the suits, jackets, and dress trousers with which we made our name, our focus at Atelier Munro is on creating total head-to-toe looks for any occasion. Getting ready for a black-tie event? We have everything you need, from the tux itself to the French-cuff shirts, waistcoats, bowties, and black patent leather tuxedo shoes to go with it. Looking for a casual weekend look for summer? Completely customize your own polo shirt, blazer, jeans, and sneakers. Our favorite looks tend to be a mix of semi-formal and casual clothing – think of a suit in a bold color or pattern paired with a popover and sneakers.

As the definition of menswear expands, so does the number of product lines we offer. In addition to suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, shirts, overcoats, ties, bowties,and pocket squares, we now also offer casual pants (currently: jeans and color 5-pocket pants) and shoes ranging from formal Oxford and Derby styles to loafers, sneakers, and parajumper and chukka boots. Not to mention shoe accessories (like shoe trees) and belts.

Do you plan to introduce new custom-made product groups?

We are constantly developing and redeveloping our product groups, to ensure the best look and fit and to expand our overall offerings to cover every category possible for a full head-to-toe look for any occasion. But we’re perfectionists, which means we release new product categories one at a time to ensure we’ve perfected that new item before we move on to the next.

But, yes, expect many more new products to come!

What does “custom made” mean, exactly?

We want to make the full tailoring experience more accessible. This means we work with local partners who stock samples of our products that you can try on, allowing them to adjust details like sleeve length and collar width to perfect the fit to your form. This (and our focus on optimizing our ordering, production, and delivery with the help of Munro-made technology tools) is how we are able to offer completely customized clothing with an ideal fit in an accessible way.

With this as your starting point, you can customize all the details of your garment(s), from the type and placement of buttons and pockets to monograms and sartorial details like topstitching, shoulder type, buttonhole stitching, and more. We do this for every garment we sell: suits, shirts, jeans, sneakers, and beyond.

What is the Durability Index?

The Durability Index (DI) tells you how likely a garment is to survive regular wear and tear. Using a 1-to-5 scale, going from delicate to durable,the DI score indicates how often a garment can be worn and how it should be cared for.

  • DI-1 or 2: Very delicate; should be reserved for special occasions and cared for gently.
  • DI-3: Intermediate; suitable for moderate wear, and special care should still be taken to ensure the fabric lasts.
  • DI-4 or 5: Durable; built to withstand routine wear and tear (up to twice a week, with a rest day between), and good care will ensure they last for many years.

Please note that suit and jacket fabrics are a little bit different and need to be rated separately. Jackets are often made with a loose or unusual weave with an average DI score of 2, while suits are more likely to use a tighter smoother weave, resulting in an average DI score of 4.

DI scores are not linked to quality. (In fact, high-quality fine weaves often have a low DI score.)

What DI score do I need for my garment?

When choosing your fabric, keep in mind the DI score when thinking about how (and how often) you will wear your garment.

Some tips:

  • If you plan to wear the item frequently, choose a fabric with a DI score of 4 or 5.
  • If your legs rub together when you walk, choose a DI-4 or 5 fabric for your suits and trousers.
  • When choosing garments with a DI score of 1 or 2 (your finer garments), keep in mind that an impeccable fit is extra important. If it is too tight (especially in the groin or armpits), the garment will wear out more quickly.


Are the prices listed on the website final prices?

The price of your garment depends on a number of factors: most importantly, the fabrics and design options you choose. For this reason we cannot quote the final price of your garment until you have chosen these options. This is why all prices on our website are listed as a starting point, the lowest possible price for that item.

Why can’t I order directly online?

Because our looks focus on fit, before you can order a suit or other custom-made clothing item, you need to visit a retail partner near you so that they can help you create your perfect personal FitProfile. They can then walk you through all the possible options for styling and customizing your garment – there are a lot! This also allows you to see samples of the garments in person before ordering, and touch and feel the fabrics to make sure you select the right one(s) for you.

In the future, once you have built your FitProfile and gotten to know all of your options, you will be able to (re-)order on our website via a new customer-focused ordering system that we’re building now!

Where is the closest store offering Atelier Munro?

Use our store locator to search for the tailoring partner nearest you.

How can I make an appointment?

  1. Click or tap on Book Appointment in the main menu or footer of this website.

  2. Explore the map that opens to find and select the tailoring location nearest you.

  3. Select your preferred date and time for your appointment and fill in your details in the rest of the form, click Send when ready.

  4. Our retail partner will then review your request and get back to you within 48 hours to either confirm your appointment for the date and time requested or to help you select a new date and time that works with your schedule.

Where are Atelier Munro’s garments crafted?

That depends on the garment! Almost all of our fabrics are woven or knitted in Italy (or in Japan, for the most traditional selvedge denim), but the construction of the actual garments themselves often happens in China or India – which is why we are able to offer bespoke clothing at the prices we do. Want your garments to be (hand)crafted in Italy? Then make your selection from our more exclusive Sartorial Collection.

What is the delivery time?

This depends on what exactly you order and shipping times to your local retailer’s location, but in general your item(s) will be ready to pick up in the shop in 4-6 weeks.